We are offering a progressive series of 4 modules that will get you started and support you in enhancing practice and quality in your settings. The format for the modules is self-study, meaning that there is material for you to read and questions and issues for you to think about and answer a diversity of questions, both practical and "big picture".  Many downloadable activities are provided to guide your reflections.

Module 1   Infants and Toddlers – Reflecting on and Improving Practice

Module 2   Infants and Toddlers – Practice and Research-Based Approaches

Module 3   Infants and Toddlers - Contexts for Reflection 

Module 4   Infants and Toddlers –Philosophies and Values in Practice

Professional Learning Credit is One Hour for Modules 1 and 2, and Two Hours for Modules 3 and 4.   Some of you may find you spend more time than this if you complete all suggested activities thoroughly, in which case you can apply for additional credit, by submitting what you have completed.

Individual modules are $20. The full series is $60.