Settling Young Newcomers: Supporting Individual Children And Families

Module 5 in Newcomer Series | taught by Judith Colbert, PHD

Course description

Complexity is a major challenge in settings where educators are expected to meet the needs of newcomer children and families. Although the needs of children are of first importance, educators in such settings must consider needs experienced, not only by the children, but also by parents and staff, including other educators. In this module you will be asked to think about programs in action. It will give you an idea of how individuals participate in the settlement process and the types of needs that educators must address.

Judith Colbert, PHD
Judith Colbert, PHD
Author, Consultant
Judith is a writer, researcher & training specialist. As a Canadian consultant with an international perspective, her goal is to build bridges between research & practice, mainstream & newcomer experiences.Much of her work focuses on care for young immigrants & refugees. She is particularly interested in the development of appropriate standards for the delivery of quality care for newcomer populations & in the relationship between the settlement of young children & their successful transition to kindergarten.

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Welcoming Newcomer Children

Child Health Across Cultures

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