Refugees: The Modern Context

taught by Judith Colbert, PHD

Course description

This module explores what it means to be a refugee in our modern context. It describes the evolution of our modern legal framework for supporting refugees and explores how our understanding of refugees as  specific types of migrants has evolved over time and may change in future.

This module will be of interest to anyone with a concern for refugees who wants to understand more about who they are and the challenges they pose in today's world. More specifically, this module will benefit anyone with interests in three primary areas addressed in the modules based on Welcoming Newcomer Children: settlement, culture and diversity.

This module is appropriate for people with a range of interests and experience, including people who

  • Would like more information about refugees or who have knowledge and wish to learn more.
  • Would like to think further about what it means to be a refugee and consider how our ideas about refugees have changed over time. 
  • Have little or no previous experience with newcomer children and families, specifically, refugees.
  • Have met and interacted with many newcomers.
  • Are newcomers themselves.
  • Are educators in settings such as centre-based child care, home child care, elementary schools
  • Are settlement workers or counsellors who work in settings that support newcomer children and families, including refugees.

2 ECE hours

Judith Colbert, PHD
Judith Colbert, PHD
Author, Consultant

Judith has been a writer, researcher & training specialist in early childhood education for many decades and an outstanding contributor to EYPDC.  With much sadness, we share the news of Judy's recent and unexpected death. Judy passed away suddenly, courageously and peacefully on March 1st at Guelph General Hospital with loved ones by her side.

As a Canadian consultant with an international perspective, much of her work has centered on young immigrant and refugee settlement, including drafting legislation in Canada and the US and speaking internationally. Judy's goal was to build bridges between research & practice, mainstream & newcomer experiences. She is particularly interested in the development of appropriate standards for the delivery of quality care for newcomer populations & in the relationship between the settlement of young children & their successful transition to kindergarten.

Judy made it known that she did not want her work and impact to disappear, and so we continue to offer her amazing content, in three areas, with respect and gratitude for her continued advocacy.

Author of

Welcoming Newcomer Children

Child Health Across Cultures

Course Curriculum

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Modern Controversies
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The UN Convention on the Rights of Refugees
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UNHCR in Receiving Countries
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The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)
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The Refugee Camps
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Module Completion
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