Course Description

This module focuses on the intricate dynamics of the development of a sense of self within the significant relationships surrounding the young child in the early years. It explores the types of environments and experiences needed to support the development of values and skills that make a caring and inclusive community and society.

Contributed by Canadian Child Care Federation

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Self and Others: Critical Connections

    • Introduction: Self and Other

    • Forming A Sense of Self

    • Other: The Attachment Relationship

    • Self: The Child Who Doesn’t Please the Parent

    • Other: Venturing Out to Early Learning Settings

    • Video: Relationships and Learning

    • Self: The Child Who Doesn’t Please the Educator

    • Video: The First Teacher

    • Belonging: Inclusion In The Peer Group

    • Rejection: Children Who Don’t Please the Peer Group

    • What Can Early Years Educators Do?

    • Self with Other: Building a Caring and Compassionate Society

    • References

  • 2

    Module Completion

    • Self-Assessment

    • Module Summary


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Adelina Gotera