Course Description

Emotional development is a complex process resulting from biology, relationships and experiences in the early years. 

In this module we  explore  temperament patterns and influences, emotional expression, and sense of self, critical components for life-long well-being.

EYPDC Program Development and Early Years Consultant

Jan Blaxall, MASc (Psych), RECE, AECEO.C

Jan has 30 years of teaching Early Childhood Education courses at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario and Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario. Jan has co-authored an ECE textbook, Children at the Centre: Principles of Early Childhood Education in Canada and is a regular contributor to the Canadian Child Care Federation's Journal, Interaction. She is on the editorial board of IDEAS - Emotional Well-being in Child Care. Jan served as a member of Ontario's Expert Panel on an Early Learning Framework, for Ontario's Ministry of Children and Youth Services. She works with the Psychology Foundation of Canada, promoting children's emotional wellness.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Review of Module 1

  • 2

    Understanding Differences in Temperament

    • Understanding Differences in Temperament

  • 3

    Observing and Learning about Individual Temperaments

    • Observing and Learning about Individual Temperaments

  • 4

    Temperament Rating Scale

  • 5

    Temperament and Self-Regulation

    • Temperament and Co-Regulation

  • 6

    Creating a “Good Fit” to support temperament differences

    • Creating a Good Fit

  • 7

    Emotions of Infants

    • Emotions of Infants

  • 8

    Name that Feeling!

    • Name that feeling!

  • 9

    Emotions and Temperament

    • Emotions and Temperament

  • 10

    Emotional Interaction

    • Emotional Interaction

  • 11

    Intentional Communication

    • Intentional Communication

  • 12

    Emerging Sense of Self

    • Emerging Sense of Self

  • 13

    Video Observations and reflection

    • Video Observations and reflection on Sense of Self

  • 14

    References and Resources

    • References and Resources

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